deep thoughts about sun and sweet potatoes

It’s been crazy beautiful here.  I hate to brag, knowing I have family in Siberia Chicago, but I can’t help it.  Today it was 68 and sunny, with just a hint of a spring breeze.  And tomorrow it’s supposed to be 70.

I commented on my way out of work that I wouldn’t want this weather every day — maybe 330 days out of the year?  You need some rain and snow so that you’ll appreciate these days.  I was happy all day, simply because it was beautiful outside.   I bet people in San Diego don’t just walk around smiling simply because it’s a beautiful day.  (Because after 364 days, their cheeks would hurt.)

Tonight at Target I had a random craving for sweet potato fries, and so I bought some and am now eating them.  When I tasted the first one, I marveled at how long it’s been since I made them for dinner.  Why am I not eating these things every day?  They’re incredible!

And then I realized if I ate them every day, they would cease being so incredible.

Like sunny, 68-degree days.

Moderation, people.  There’s a reason it’s good for us.


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