St. Valentine’s Day

This year, I decided to take a whole new approach to Valentine’s Day.  Partly inspired by Seraphic Single’s Operation Valentinus, I pledged not to allow myself to be depressed by this Hallmark holiday and instead use it to cheer everyone around me up.

This included making valentines for a few of my single gal friends, my nephews, and my nieces:

It also includes throwing a little dinner party for some single gal friends this evening (the blank invitations to said party at the bottom of that picture).

And it included making treats for work — namely, a variation on Grace Ann’s famous Chocolate Amaretto Pie.  My variation includes making the filling:

And then filling individual chocolate cups, instead of filling an entire pie crust.  The pie is just so rich, you only really need a little taste.  The individual chocolate cups are the perfect solution.

While at World Market buying the chocolate cups (and the chocolates I bought for some single gal friends), I also found these:

So they were filled with the chocolate amaretto filling, too!

Happy St. Valentine’s Day, everyone!


6 thoughts on “St. Valentine’s Day

  1. Jill says:

    Aw! You’re so cute! I hope you have a wonderful day! The Valentine you send the boys was adorable and they loved it.

    I was not on the ball this year and didn’t send any Valentines, but George and I made some heart-shaped cookies for his class and decorated them with sprinkles. that was about all I could handle.

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