in preparation for “satisfied to be single day”

(which is February 11, by the way…)

I love Dorothy Cummings, and yesterday’s post was a good summary of what she, her blog, and her book are all about.

Recognizing the Single Experience

I don’t always agree with her — sometimes I outright disagree with her — but she’s a joy to read every morning.

For all my single readers (and there probably aren’t many of you), if you haven’t found her yet, begin being charmed: Seraphic Singles.

I almost had the chance to hear her speak at Notre Dame this weekend, but plans fell through.  I’ll just have to re-read her book and laugh my head off.    She just gets it.

We are born Single and most women die Single. That’s how life is. The youngest women are Single, and the oldest women are usually Single. The 25s to 65s tend to be married. The middle bit is the married bit. Most of us get married. Whether we stay married, or marry wisely, is another question altogether. Heaven only knows how many unfortunate women and men are married only because they did not have the guts to stay chaste Singles.

The world needs happy Single men and women who are not afraid to stay chaste Singles until they are given a much, much better offer. The more men and women we have like this, the fewer men and women we will have marrying and divorcing Miss or Mr Not Quite What I Was Hoping For. Single people will take heart from other Single people. I might be talking about a revolution here.


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