new kitchen treats

I splurged yesterday and bought myself more things for the kitchen. Well, it wasn’t as much of a splurge as it could have been because I bought them at TJ Maxx.  And they were things I needed. Okay, well sort of.

Meet the two newest members of my kitchen:

The cutest saucepan ever.  I’ve been a one-saucepan-kitchen for many years now, and it was getting old.  So when I saw this on sale, I couldn’t resist.  And it’s perfect for a single person.  I made mashed potatoes tonight and cooked two potatoes in this.  It was perfect.

And the cutest little casserole dish.  Well, the second-cutest, because the cutest is still at TJ Maxx.  It was smaller than this one (you can’t tell how small and cute this is, but it is) and I decided it wasn’t the most practical thing.  But this one is perfect– once again, great for a single person.  Some day I’ll own Le Crueset, but until then, this knock-off will have to suffice.  7 dollars is more my price range than $140.  (Mine isn’t cast iron.)

Dinner is served!


3 thoughts on “new kitchen treats

  1. dad says:

    How can you post about kjtchen stuff when we are about to be buried in 1000 inches of snow !!!!Oh, that’s right you live in TN

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