Mike Pence

When Governor Mitch Daniels ran for governor of Indiana, he ran with the slogan, “My man Mitch.”  It was particularly funny to me because when I was little I used to call Ronald Reagan “my man.”  Who knew I had such great political views at age 5?

I like Governor Daniels, but I don’t know if he’s up there with Ronald Reagan to be worthy of being “my man.”  Now Mike Pence, on the other hand…

I was blessed to hear Congressman Pence at a Right to Life dinner last November, and I was really, really impressed by him.  The way he carried himself, his message, his family, his humor, his poignant remarks — not many people can make me laugh and cry in a single speech– let alone in one of those “chicken and cheesecake dinner” speeches.

I first heard his name at the March for Life several years ago (probably one of the first Marches I attended).  I didn’t hear much of what he said (that’s how the rally at the March is) but all that mattered was that he was from Indiana and he was for life.  I was in the nation’s capital, surrounded by friends from California and New York and Florida — the “important” states, the states everyone always talked about — who cared about little podunk Indiana?  But there he was — sharp, articulate, and prolife.  From Indiana.  My state pride swelled.   Every year I would hear him at that rally, and every year I would announce to the people around me, “He’s going to be President someday.”

I didn’t know there was actually a chance until he won the “Value Voters” straw poll in Iowa last year, beating out people like Huckabee, Gingrich, Palin, and Romney.  And then it became clear he was “considering his options” for 2012.

Well, it seems that he will not be running for President.  But perhaps he will run Indiana for awhile, and then we’ll see.  After all, it’s good for presidents to have some executive experience, right?  (Let’s just hope if he does do that, he serves longer than the last Indiana governor to be elected President.)

(photo courtesy of the nice official lady who took it.)

4 thoughts on “Mike Pence

  1. Jill says:

    don’t underestimate the role of Indiana in a presidential election! Or at least, we shouldn’t take it for granted as a red state. We made that mistake last time!

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