Gaudete Sunday

Today is the day my family traditionally decorated for Christmas.  While I was planning on decorating today, I decided to wait a few days until I find out what needs to happen to my apartment after my adventure yesterday.

The apartment above me flooded last night.  I came home from a hockey game to hear the dreaded sound of water dripping onto saturated carpet.  I walked into my bedroom to find water coming out of my ceiling vents and out of the light fixture in my bathroom.

The maintenance man took one look at it and practically dashed upstairs.  We heard him walk in and walk right to the back of the apartment.  He soon returned with the words, “The problem is solved.  We’re exacuating the apartment upstairs.”


They’re going to contact me tomorrow, but I have a feeling they’ll at least be replacing the carpet.  The dripping stopped sometime in the middle of the night; thank goodness Mom left her sound machine here last time she stayed, so I could muffle the multiple “drip drip drip into a bucket” sounds as I fell asleep.

I thank God that:

1) I returned to my apartment last night and caught it before it was a disaster

2) None of my personal property was damaged

On to happier things!  Like a country Christmas…

My friend Maria and I headed out to the Opryland Hotel on Friday night to see the Christmas decorations.  They have a few events out there (including the Rockettes), but we were mostly just interested in walking around and looking at the decorations.  We also were interested in not spending money.  The hotel has two displays — “Ice” and “Snow” — which appear to be aimed at deprived southern children who don’t have snow to play in outside and therefore need to pay $15 to make snow angels and build snowmen.  We didn’t pay to do that.  Nor did we pay for parking, because only poor out-of-towners would think you need to pay $18 to self-park in a huge parking lot outside the hotel.  Those of us Nashvillians know you can park in the outlet mall parking lot (right under the sign that says, “No access to Opryland Hotel”) for free and walk over to the hotel.

The hotel just recently reopened after 7 months of restoration after the flood.  Nine feet of water stood in the common areas of the hotel, and the cost of the damage was in the millions.  But now they’re back in business, and the hotel is even more beautiful than before.

The crowds were out in force to walk around the beautiful lobbies of the largest hotel outside of Las Vegas, which is famous for its celebration of Christmas:

Lots and lots of lights– each lobby more decorated than the one before it

Poinsettias were everywhere — planted in the gardens, tucked amongst the rocks, and even forming whole Christmas trees.


the view down underneath one of the bridges that runs through one of the lobbies

I liked this little guy, who was tucked along one of the paths:

We ducked outside in front of the hotel to see the lights out there.  I think Dad should try to do this to all our trees in our front yard:

And since this is the South, and we’re unafraid to say what this time of year is all about — you’ll notice down there, in the right had corner of that picture above…
He who makes the cold winter night warm again:

One thought on “Gaudete Sunday

  1. Jeannie says:

    How pretty!! Christmas lights always remind me of Grandpa Ford. I wish we, in the north, still had magnificent displays like that. Thanks for sharing!

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