Gaudete Sunday Part III

I told my mother I would blog this to make it official.

Kids, listen to your mother.  Especially when you hear her voice in your head.

I should have never left my apartment to try to go to a Christmas party today.  But I did.  I should have never turned out of my drive to go up a large hill to go pick up my friend.  But I did.  And there I found myself stopped, on black ice, in a line of other cars.  Towards the top of the hill, there was an accident with about six cars in various positions — stuck against the curb, smashed into another car, turned around backwards in the middle of the lane — and the rest of us were all sitting ducks, forced to stop on the hill while cars were coming at us, trying to drive around the wrecks and down the hill.

I firmly believe in guardian angels, answered prayers of desperation, and the prayers of mothers that God listens to and stores up for emergencies.

I’ll spare you all the details, but after ten minutes, a few fishtails, slips and skids, a stomachache, a pounding heart, and more of those prayers of desperation, I managed to get my car to fishtail into a U-turn and headed back down the hill, sliding all the way down.

I called my mother and thanked her for praying for me.

And then I said I would start listening to that voice in my head- one that sounded strangely like her- saying, “You don’t have to go out in this, so why are you?”


5 thoughts on “Gaudete Sunday Part III

  1. dad says:

    December 14
    Happy Birthday!! 1983 was a great year because you were born. We have a lot of great odd years (73,75,77,79) Have a great day.

  2. Mom says:

    The weather after you were born was horrid. It was much like the weather we are experiencing now. It kept me from my other three children who were staying in Indpls while you were in NICU for two weeks. And it’s one reason I hate snow and winter and curse (well, not REALLY) the I’m Dreaming of A White Christmas carol and anyone who prays for snow ever. People die because of the snow. I won’t go into the many other reasons to dislike snow. But people who actually PRAY for snow should be ashamed of themselves.

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