Gaudete Sunday Part II

My apologies to everyone NOT born in Gaudete Sunday week.

Seriously, I cannot imagine a better week to come into this world.

I had a nice heart-to-heart with God today on my way to Mass.  And I thanked Him for everything, especially for letting me be born.  And everything else that followed that.

December has to be the best month for birthdays.  And I feel like on this Sunday of rejoicing, everything is a present to me.

I’ve had the best morning.  After Mass, I went to a local coffee shop and drank coffee while reading a fantastic little book about St. Joseph.  (The part I read this morning was about doing God’s will in your everyday life.  In Ordinary Time, if you will.)

Then  I came home and turned on my Christmas music full blast.  I’ve been singing along with the Notre Dame Glee Club and dueting with Nat King Cole.  I especially sang my heart out on O Holy Night.  It’s always been my dream to sing that at Christmas.  But I think the closest I’ll come is singing it in my kitchen while baking.

Today I sang it while making Oreo Truffles.

but wait, it gets better.

My entire apartment smells like Christmas trees, because I have an awesome “Fresh Balsam” candle from Bath and Body Works burning.

And did I mention it’s SNOWING!?

Yeah, it’s pretty incredible.  And all for my birthday.

(I asked for snow near my birthday — not on my birthday, for fear that it would ruin the birthday party I’m planning for myself. )

Christmas carols, chocolate, fresh balsam, and snow blowing past my window.

Happy Birthday to me.


2 thoughts on “Gaudete Sunday Part II

  1. Peggy says:

    What a joyful little post. Oh Holy Night has always been my favorite! I hope you have a wonderful birthday week! Happy Birthday!!!

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