Sorry I’ve been MIA lately.  Just like my mail and the post office’s customer service.

If you’ve been wondering where I’ve been since November 22nd, join the club — I’ve been wondering where my mail has been.

Not really, I guess.  I know it’s been at the post office.  But I’ve been wondering why it’s not in my box.

I thought that’s what the post office did, you see. Silly me.  I thought they received mail from across the country addressed to me, put it in a truck, drove it to my home, and put it in a box.

How naive of me.

The mail box at my apartment complex has been broken for weeks.  I wish I would have made note of when I first walked to the box to find the door open and no mail.  I believe it was November 18 or 19.  Since the big door is broken, 50 or so of us have mailboxes that aren’t secure, so the post office isn’t delivering mail to us.

The apartment complex claims they call the post office every day and the post office says they’ll come fix it.  The post office tells us we can come pick up our mail at the post office.

I wish I could get paid for not doing my job.

I wish this post could go viral and everyone could be up and arms about how dumb my post office is and how they are getting away with complete incompetence.  I can only write so many letters to the postmaster and to my senator and representative.  After awhile, one begins to feel helpless.

Over two weeks of no mail is getting kind of old.


5 thoughts on “helpless

  1. Anne says:

    Hey! I’ve definitely sent a letter during that time!! Hope you get it soon!!!!

    And I might DIE if my mail stopped being delivered! :o)

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