Pom power

My friend Jennie has been opening my food horizons lately.  The other day she brought pomegranate to our staff/faculty retreat and let us snack on them with her.  I’ve had pomegranate in things before, but never had pomegranate in pure form.

The other day, she surprised me with a pomegranate of my own!

Was there a murder in my kitchen?  No, just a pomegranate-cutting session gone wild.

I forgot to take a picture of it before I sliced the top off.  And the top is the coolest-looking part!

Bon appetite!


Zita is almost here

This is so incredible… my best friend forever (well, since preschool anyway) has an incredible older brother who has been drawing and illustrating for as long as I can remember.  His spacegirl, Zita, is coming to a bookstore (or an Amazon.com) near you in February.

I held a copy in my hand last month — and let me tell you, it’s gorgeous.

Not to mention super exciting to see Ben’s name on the cover.

And who knew that graphic novels had trailers?!


(If I was smart, that would be embedded.  But it’s not working.  So you’ll have to click on that link.)

an open letter to Sweet CeCe

Dear Sweet Cece,

I’m going to be open and honest with you.  I cheated tonight.

I never should have done it.  But Pinkberry wooed me with her Californian sophistication, her modern decor, her newness.

She used her pumpkin feature flavor to flirt with me, and teased me with her “Swirly Whip.”  Her toppings seemed endless.

As I sat there and ate, I felt dirty.  I was having an affair with Pinkberry.  And it felt so wrong.

I cheated on you, and left feeling cheated.  The “swirly whip” was just plain whipped cream.  And the pumpkin taste was overwhelmed by the tart yogurt taste.  It was more like eating Dannon yogurt than frozen yogurt.  The toppings were sparse and I would have added more — if I had been in control.

And Pinkberry was so darn expensive.  A “mini” was four bites of yogurt and set me back as much as a huge cup full of wonderful toppings from you would have cost.

On my way home, I drove by your bright windows with a guilty conscience.  I’ll be back, Sweet Cece’s.  Pinkberry just wasn’t the same.  And rumor has it, you have pumpkin right now, too.  And I have a punch card filled and ready for a free cup…

I’ll be back, Sweet Cece’s!


PS The brilliance of this imagery has to be credited to my friend Ann, who commented while we were sitting in Pinkberry, not enjoying our yogurt, “I feel like I’m having an affair, and I’m not enjoying it.”