Well, dear readers, this is as close as I got to the CMAs tonight.  Okay, that’s not quite true– I drove past the Bridgestone arena, so I guess I was a little closer than this picture.  There were about 20 police cars outside, tons and tons of news crews (several streets were blocked off behind the arena for all their trucks), and more limos than I’ve seen in one spot in my entire life.  There weren’t many people walking around, which surprised me, but they were showing the show on a big screen set up outside on the sidewalk one of the honkey-tonks.  I guess people were probably inside the honkey-talks watching it, and then will come outside when it’s over and the stars leave.

My friend Ann and I actually talked about splurging on tickets and going.  Even if we were in the nosebleeds, it would have still been pretty cool to be there.  Even though I don’t particularly like country music, I like Brad Paisley (he’s hilarious) and it just would have been neat to witness an awards show.  When we were at the Bridgestone the other night for a hockey game:

we realized we wouldn’t be that far away in the nosebleeds, and almost bought tickets on the spot.

But then we remembered we had Bible study tonight.  No CMAs for us.

When I was driving to the Bible study, several limos passed me driving towards the Bridgestone.  Famous people were in my midst!

So after the study, since I was only about a mile away from the arena, I drove downtown to say I did it.

And that’s my story.


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