a very good place to start

Sadly, I haven’t been cooking lately as much as I’d like.  It’s a combination of being extra busy and extra lazy.

But the other day I had the day off, so taking advantage of being able to start making dinner in the afternoon before I was starving, I actually had a nice meal ready by the time dinner time rolled around.

And as I began, I remembered why I loved cooking.

Can it get better than a recipe that begins like this:

Seriously, the smell of cooking garlic and onions?  Wonderful.

(I got a little carried away with the crushed red pepper, though.  It looked pretty, so I kept dumping it in.  Whoops.  Oh well, it’s good for the sinuses.)

And this start is  so versatile —  I could go in a number of different directions with this.

I chose to add veggies:

and made soup.

Soup that I then ate for days and days.

Good thing it was yummy.


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