by popular demand…

More puzzles.

88 = PK

4 = Q in a G (this is the first one I got)

24 = H in a D

1 = W on a U

5 = D in a Z C (I think this is the one that Lauri googled!)

57 = H V

11 = P on a F T

29 = D in F in a L Y

40 = D and N of the G F

and… drum roll… the ones I can’t solve… (although maybe I shouldn’t admit that, in case they’re really easy for you)

1,001 = A N

200 = D for P G in M

1,000 = W that a P is W

64 = S on a C

Have fun!

And feel free to comment if you get some of them.


9 thoughts on “by popular demand…

  1. Jill says:

    Wow, Nick! I think I was up half the night with 1,000 W that a P is W! Awesome.

    88Piano keys
    1 Wheel on a Unicycle 🙂
    57 Heinz Varities
    29 Days in February in a Leap Year

    • roseanna hatke says:

      JOannie: Thanks for an evening’s worth of fun. We got all of them..200=dollars for passing go in Monopoly, 64 squares on a checkerboard, ….but we can’t get 5=D in a 2 C

      What the heck is that???

      Joannie, we are such nerds….We used to do these kinds of puzzles back in the day when the babies were asleep! Mr. H. has some at the office….if we have any that you haven’t got we will send them on.

      PS Please encourage Annie and Martin to go to the Right to Life Dinner. We would be HAPPY to babysit and if one of the girls gives out so much as a peep we will call. Annie needs a “dress-up” night out!!! And it was so sweet of your folks to invite them!

      Love, Mrs. H.

      • joanallegretti says:

        Wow, I never would have gotten those!! THANK YOU! I love the 200 dollars for passing go in Monopoly.

        It’s 5 = D in a Z C — Z as in Zoo, not the number 2.

        You would have been working on that for years!

      • joanallegretti says:

        by the way, please do send the others on — I love brain teasers!!

        And I hope A&M come to the dinner. We’d have so much fun.

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