Leipers Fork

This Fall Sunday found me and a few friends in Leipers Fork.  Featured recently in Southern Living, this picturesque small town -aka street- is home to Puckett’s Grocery, a grocery store/gas station that serves up good Southern cuisine and live music from local musicians.

It was a beautiful drive out there — country roads, changing leaves, southern plantation houses, horse farms, and gravel unmarked roads with signs that said “Travel at Your Own Risk.”  (I don’t think I’ve ever seen a road sign like that.  We all agreed we should have stopped and taken a picture!  But the road wasn’t really that dangerous.)  While we took the state highways back, I’m glad we took the scenic road out there.  It was a perfect Sunday drive.

Leipers Fork was hopping — it seems that it was a popular idea to get out of the city for the beautiful afternoon.  We had to wait awhile for a table at Puckett’s, but our friends were the live music featured that day (hence the trip out there), so it was worth the wait.  One of my friends snagged us a great table up front, and we enjoyed the incredible live music of l’Angelus while eating pulled pork!

I was so happy with myself because I remembered my camera and could document the day.  But when I turned it on as I was walking down the street, I found that I had forgotten to put a memory card in it!  Whoops.  So I was forced to use my phone, which doesn’t take the greatest pictures.  (Because it’s a phone.  Why do we try to make something into everything?)

Who could ask for more on a Sunday afternoon, really?

While l’Angelus describes themselves as a “Cajun swing band,” they really play a little of everything.  You never know what’s going to come next — Stephen might pull out the saxophone for a “swamp pop” tune,  Paige will dance around the stage to zydeco, or they will surprise you with a rendition of “Dancing Queen.”  (I’ve never heard ABBA on the fiddle before today!)  It’s hard to sit still listening to them, and their energy is contagious!  It’s a joy to watch people do something they obviously enjoy so much.  Their lyrics are so innocent and pure — they’re like something from another time.  It’s wonderful!

After they were finished playing, we chatted with them for awhile before heading back out to explore Leipers Fork.

If you’re interested in good, fun music (and one very talented family), I’d recommend checking out l’Angelus at cajunrecords.com.


3 thoughts on “Leipers Fork

  1. You know TNRTL’s BBQ and Bluegrass for the Babies is going to be out in Leiper’s Fork in a few weekends! I have never been, I am looking forward to it – great pics! Enjoy your day today 🙂

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