questions in my head

I was watching the TLC show “Sister Wives” last night…  I know, I hate to admit that I was actually watching it, but it intrigued me, it was available to watch On Demand, and there was nothing else on while I waited for Jeopardy.

Anyway, I was prepared for the show to irk me because I figured it would portray the polygamist lifestyle as hunky-dory and the families as perfect and happy and everything.  I was surprised, then, when one of the wives (the one that had been married the longest) was telling her husband that she was having jealousy issues because he was courting another woman and was now engaged to her (this will make the fourth “wife” for this guy).  She basically wanted him to admit that these feelings of jealousy were normal (helloooo!  It’s one of the few things normal on this show!) and asked him how he would feel if she was dating someone else.

His response really surprised me… because it was obviously insane.  He said something like he wouldn’t even imagine the “vulgarity” of the idea of her with two husbands or a lover (he said that word- vulgarity) and it seemed wrong to God and nature.

*Joannie stares at the television screen.*

He soon admitted that he probably sounded hypocritical.


Is this guy insane?  Or is he that full of himself?  Or brainwashed?

What is this woman thinking?  Can we help her?

Okay, so the questions in my head are numerous.

And I wasn’t surprised to hear that there may be criminal charges against them.  I mean, they’re kind of asking for that since they’re going on TV and flaunting the fact that they’re living the polygamist lifestyle.

But here comes my next question: how can our government enforce polygamy laws when they allow divorce and cohabitation?  I mean, he’s not legally married to anyone but his first wife.  So how is that different than a husband and wife who are living an “open marriage” and fool around with other people?

I don’t believe in polygamy, obviously, but I do think it’s an interesting predicament.


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