more music in music city

So I may have missed the re-opening of the Grand Ole Opry on Tuesday night, with its star-studded lineup and the energy and excitement of a city back on its feet-

But I had my share of live music this week anyway.  I enjoyed the sweet sound of Guster last night — front row.   There’s something about live music that I love.  You can hear a song over and over on the radio or on CD, but nothing compares to the energy of hearing it live for the first time.   I had never seen Guster live– and boy, do they put on a good show.

Including a cover of Eye of the Tiger?  Random!  Other random moment– when Ryan, their lead singer, called his wife and had us all wish her a happy anniversary.   She didn’t pick up– it went to voicemail! hilarious.

And what is it about Nashville that encourages artists to step away from the amps, approach the audience, and jam acoustically?   Carbon Leaf a few weeks ago, Guster last night.   Okay, so they probably do this at all their shows.  But I like to think it’s the Nashville air that brings the creative wild side out of artists.  So for their last song, they came back on stage, raised the house lights, stood on the edge of the stage as close as they could to us, and jammed.   One of the guys who just left the band last month came back for this song and joined them on the banjo.  (Once again, the perks of living in Nashville– he lives in Nashville and so it was convenient to just head down to the show last night!)  It’s kind of cute on the video that you can hear all of us singing along, too.

And then my battery ran out.

It was a wonderful night.  And 4 1/2 hours of sleep later, it was up early to go teach! Fall has begun.


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