40 Days

Yesterday morning I went over to the abortion clinic to pray.  There was a sizable group there because we’re in the midst of 40 Days for Life.

I can’t really describe what it’s like to stand outside an abortion clinic and pray.  Even within a few yards of where the evil is taking place, it’s still hard to process what is going on inside.  To know that we’re standing out there on the street while babies are being killed inside is chilling, but at the same time, it’s so hard to comprehend.

The building is so innocuous-looking– “The Women’s Center” … isn’t that nice?  But it’s not exactly the nicest-looking building (or neighborhood), and I don’t think I’d go in those doors to get a prescription filled, much less an invasive procedure.

The sidewalk counselors are so genuinely warm and comforting when they reach out to the girls walking in — it makes the glares, rude comments, or criticism so sad.  You know these girls are hurting inside, and the fact that they are rejecting help is heartbreaking.  One woman yelled at us to take our judgments somewhere else, and they tried to tell her they weren’t judging and that they loved her and wanted to help.

That comment — Take your judgment elsewhere– consumed my thoughts for the rest of my time out there.  We weren’t a particularly hostile-looking group:

about a third of our group

nor were we saying anything that was judgmental.  The sidewalk counselors try to reach out to the girls in the sixty seconds it takes to walk from their car to the clinic, and if they are willing to listen, the counselors show them that there are agencies to help them with adoption or with the expenses of keeping the child.  We aren’t shouting judgments.  Most of us are praying, and the other women are reaching out to help.

We were standing out there trying to help the girls, knowing that they were caught in situations that seemed hopeless, knowing that they were hurt, knowing that they needed help.

Is our society so filled with relativism that helping someone is judgmental, because it means that we realize they need help?  What if we stood outside a prostitution house and tried to save the girls inside because we knew they deserved better?  I suppose that would mean we were judging the pimp.   What if we tried to help a wife who was being abused?  Would we be judgmental because we were saying the husband was wrong in beating his wife?

If I’m judging by saying that babies are being killed in abortion clinics and I want to help the girls who are having abortions, I’m sorry.  Well, not really.  I’m not sorry.  I’m not sorry that I think there is good and evil in the world and that abortion is evil.  Nor am I sorry that I want to help women, and I know that abortion isn’t helping anyone except the abortionist’s pocketbook.

Please join in the 40 Days for Life campaign, which is centered around helping these women — because women deserve better than abortion.


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