smelly things

I need my apartment to smell nice.  One of the worst things is coming back after being gone for several days and my apartment smells like a closed-up hotel room.  Or it smells like I did when I first moved in.

Disgusting and generic.

I like my apartment to smell homey.  So I like candles.  If you get the right ones, it’s instant homey-ness.

Or mossy-ness.  “They make my apartment smell moss-ay!”

Anyway… I have the best candle burning right now.  It’s called “Leaves.”

I know what you’re thinking, because I thought it when I saw it last year.  Leaves?   Do I really want my apartment to smell like leaves?  I like the sound of leaves crunching under my feet.  But the smell?  The smell of leaves burning makes me happy. But I don’t think I want my apartment smelling like it.  And just leaves?  It seems like the candle would smell like mulch or something.

But it doesn’t.  Mmm…  It smells like fall.

And I need that, since it’s still 94 degrees here.  94 degrees and humid.

Where’s September!?!?

Sorry.  I had to get that out.

I was excited to get a coupon for a free Slatkin candle from Bath & Body Works the other day, because I knew the “Leaves” candle would be waiting for me.  Last year I bought a little one, still sort of unsure of my apartment smelling like leaves, and after I fell in love with it, I went back for more and they were all sold out.

Because the “Leaves” candle rocks.

Speaking of Bath & Body Works, I really like their hand soap.  I know that Bath & Body Works is sort of 1998 (remember Plumeria and Freesia?)  But I like them.  And I like their hand soaps a lot.  Especially the foaming ones.

They smell really nice.  If I’m going to wash my hands all the time, I want to enjoy the smell of Black Raspberry Vanilla while I do it.

But in my kitchen, I want something that smells a little less perfume-y and a little more clean and fresh.  I was using White Citrus for awhile, until I discovered Coconut Lime Verbena.

I wish this blog was scratch-n-sniff.


10 thoughts on “smelly things

  1. Haus Frau says:

    I love it–you make me smile. I got the movie quote (we use that one a lot around here), and I do remember plumeria and freesia. Juniper Breeze was my first Bath & Body Works Scent and it *was* probably back in 1998. If only I could drag myself into the malls these days, I might get that “Leaves” candle based on your recommendation alone. But the aisle vendors are like leeches around here, so I steer clear of malls. 😉 /sigh Guess it’s back to Wal-Mart’s “Mulled Cider” candles for me…

  2. Megan Reetz says:

    I couldn’t agree more. Where is Fall!?! It’s still in the 80’s and 90’s here and everyday I wake up disappointed. I decorated my house for Fall in an attempt to make things better. I desperately need a Leaves candle. It sounds wonderful. I bought a candle last year that I thought would be Fall-ish enough for me, but it really has more of a Christmas scent I feel.

    • joanallegretti says:

      I bought a Fresh Balsam candle for December, too. I guess I’m just looking ahead! 🙂
      I’m worried that it’s going to go straight from summer to winter and we’ll miss wonderful jacket weather!

  3. Jill says:

    Could you buy one for me and mail it to me? I will consider it payment for all of the images you stole from me for your header image.

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