this could be a really cool post…

Wouldn’t it be great if this post was all about how I went and helped rebuild a preschool with Ty Pennigton and Extreme Makeover Home Edition last week?  The post could be scattered with photos of the preschool and the building team and all of us in our free Extreme Makeover t-shirts and hard hats.

But I never went because I was too busy with the conference.

So this post isn’t that cool.

One of the guys from work went and he came and told me all about it and encouraged me to go one night after work.  Various country stars were helping, too, and the episode will probably air shortly before the Country Music Awards in November.

Wouldn’t that be a cool post, too?  A post from the Country Music Awards?

Yeah.  This blog has a lot of potential.  Hahaha.


2 thoughts on “this could be a really cool post…

  1. dad says:

    It is not about the show but the day to day tedium that builds us. I’m glad the conference went well even though it is not on ABC. (I would like one of those cookies)

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