friendly people

Today I was standing in line at the post office– tired after working late, kind of annoyed that I had to come to the post office to pick up a package that I wished the mailman would have just left on my doorstep, frustrated that this was my second attempt to get the shoes (the others were too small) — and the young man in front of me engaged me in conversation suddenly.

“You’re picking up a package?” he asked, spying the note in my hand.  “That’s exciting!”

Thanks, random guy.  Thanks for reminding me that I should be thankful that I was getting new shoes, not annoyed that I was standing in line.

“Yes, it is!”  I agreed.

“Do you know what it is?”  he asked in the same excited voice.  (it wasn’t creepy, it was just friendly)

“Yeah, shoes.  So it’s really exciting.”

“Are they from Zappos?”

Haha, this guy was cracking me up!  They weren’t, but we ended up having a conversation about Zappos and how wonderful their return free shipping is and how his Mom bought him black shoes from there once and he should have sent them back because they were too narrow.  It was his turn then, so our conversation ended.  As he was leaving, he said quietly, “Good luck with the shoes!”

So random, but so welcome after a crazy day.  And it made me realize that things like that shouldn’t be random.   We should engage our fellow man in conversation, shouldn’t we?  The girl in front of us was on her cell phone, texting the whole time.  That this guy went out of his comfort zone (unless he doesn’t have one) to talk to a stranger and remind her how exciting getting a package should be was a nice treat.

(Note to Mom: he had a wedding ring on.)


7 thoughts on “friendly people

  1. Megan Reetz says:

    haha this was so great and I couldn’t agree more regarding engaging our fellow man in conversation. Love the note to your mom at the end. But I was wondering how old he was? Just to get a better picture….

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