another artist for that iPod

This was a busy weekend for my social calendar.  Among other things, I went to a Carbon Leaf concert.

I heart Carbon Leaf.

They give a great show — every time I go to one, I decide it’s the best show I’ve ever seen.  Last time they came to Nashville, my friend Caitie and I sold their merchandise and had a great time — it was a really high energy show.  This one was very different, but still really wonderful.  It was a pretty small venue, and most of the show was acoustic.  They even did some songs “Opry-style,” gathered around a mic.  And they surprised us with an a cappella tune.

They’re hard to classify — I guess I would call them acoustic rock?  They have some Celtic undertones (check out The Boxer) and utilize great instruments like the mandolin, the double bass, and the accordion (check out Pink below), can be pretty happy go-lucky (check out What about Everything) and yet can also be pretty heavy (check out The War Was in Color.  They played this at the show, and it was incredible — the lighting was really dramatic, and it was so powerful it gave me goosebumps.  I suppose it helped that it was 9/11, too).  I love that they don’t sound like everyone else and that their lyrics are actually well-written and profound.

They’ve recently left their record label to go independent, so that they can have more flexibility and release more music!  The future is bright for these guys.

I definitely recommend checking them out.

Carbon Leaf: Pink


2 thoughts on “another artist for that iPod

  1. Megan Reetz says:

    ugh, no fair, this makes me want to see them again so badly. They were here in Denver just shortly after I gave birth. I actually contemplated going with Hailey. Luke gave me the look that said, “no way your going, you just had a c-section.” I was bummed. Next time!

    More missionaries than I knew love them too, I’m finding out. I was working in the office this past year and on casual Friday, someone was wearing a Carbon Leaf t-shirt and then I was over at another missionaries house and they were playing one of my favorite albums.

    How could you not love them? They’re the best!

    • roseanna hatke says:

      Joannie: This brought tears to my eyes. What a wonderful song! Thank you for sharing it! I had never head of this group!
      Mrs. H.

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