an artist for your iPod

I heard on Catholic radio a few weeks ago that the Catholic musician Matt Maher is getting married today.  His friend Mark Hart (“The Bible Geek”) is tweeting a bit about it — including the cufflinks the groomsmen are wearing.

The world has become so small with Facebook and Twitter, and I feel sort of stalkerish knowing that Matt is getting married right now —  Matt Maher wouldn’t know me from Eve (although he was a few tables away from me at the Aquinas College benefit dinner last year), but I suppose it is nice that I can pray for someone whom I don’t even know as he and his wife begin their new life together.

I’d like to celebrate by encouraging everyone to check out Matt’s music.  Unfortunately, there aren’t many incredible Christian musicians who are Catholic.  But Matt is really talented and it’s nice to see him achieving success in the Christian music world.

This is my current favorite Matt Maher song, Alive Again.  Enjoy!


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