I have a bad habit of making splurge purchases.  I’m trying to be better about it and save my money for responsible purchases.  (or just save my money.)  So when I saw a little microfiber ottoman at Target, I stared at it for awhile, picked it up, opened the top (it has storage inside of it), and then walked away.  I really didn’t need it, and it cost $19.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have the same willpower when faced with a dark khaki corduroy jacket at Eddie Bauer last week.  One that cost a lot more than $19.  *sigh*

I was at my sister’s over the weekend, and I remembered why I wanted an ottoman.  Some nights you want to stretch out your legs while watching TV.  It can serve as extra seating for guests.  It can be a buffer for small boys who come running down the hall and want to run into something.

Okay, that last reason doesn’t really apply to my needs.

When I was back at Target a few days ago, I saw the ottomans again.  Except this time they were on sale for $17.  (woo woo, I know.  Two whole bucks.)  And instead of just two color selections (dark brown and bright pink), they had one that called out my name…

Yeah, raise your hand if you saw that coming.

And as you can tell from the picture, I splurged.  It’s not really a responsible purchase- I didn’t need an ottoman, and it’s going to get worn and dirty pretty quickly, I can tell.  But I can’t afford a nice ottoman (a real one would cost more than my couch.  And would be nicer than my couch.  Please ignore the bad attempt at a slipcover up there.) and this one is nice for now.

If anyone has any ideas of what to put in it, let me know.


9 thoughts on “splurges

  1. Megan Reetz says:

    I’ve been seeing these too and been tempted as well, but so far, I’m holding out. I don’t really need one either. I have a padded coffee table that everyone loves to put their feet on, and still places to put books beneath. So I’m good! I would put a small lap blanket, and maybe a book or two inside.

  2. mom says:

    Yes, I raised my hand. What to put it it? All of the magazines and L’Observatore Romano’s that I send you that you don’t have time to read.

    We are thinking of painting your bedroom here orange. You’ve outgrown the peppy purple.

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