a wink and a smile

I like when people at wink at me.  I want to wink at people more often.  There’s something about a wink that shows the world you’re a fun person.  You don’t take yourself too seriously.  You’re the kind of person that has good days and wants to share them.

Our dean of students in college used to wink at us.  I think that’s when I first realized that winks don’t have to be flirty.  He was a happily married man with adorable children, and hitting on co-eds was the farthest thing from his mind.  His winks were, “Hey, I see you.  And I want you to feel special” winks, or “Hey, cheer up” winks, or “Look, you’re stuck in an awkward situation right now, and I’m going to wink behind that person’s back to make you smile.”

One day at lunch senior year, I was commenting how much I enjoyed being on the receiving end of one of his winks, and I decided to test out my winking ability.  I winked at someone across the dining hall, but my wink was intercepted by a freshman boy, which made things slightly awkward.  And slightly hilarious.  I think that just made me like winking even more.

I had kind of forgotten about his winks until a new faculty member came to the college where I work, and he winks at people just like  the dean of students used to wink — same situations, same mischievous smile– and it made me want to start winking again. I’ll have to practice… nothing is more embarrassing than trying to wink and failing.  Haha!


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