This is one of those stories that won’t be very funny in the re-telling, and yet the story-teller insists on still telling the story after informing you that it won’t be very funny.  Aren’t you excited?

To give you some background information, one of my friends owns his own gate business, and this being Nashville, he installs gates for some “stars.”  One of these “stars” is John Rich of “Big and Rich.”  John Rich has built a large modern house on the top of a hill overlooking Nashville, and has a nice gate installed by my friend.  My friend was always telling me how crazy modern the house is, surrounded by cute little bungalows, and how the neighbors must be so sick of the crazy people driving past his house and his crazy parties after the CMAs and things, and how John calls him when his gate breaks and is open, because crazy fans will walk up his driveway (isn’t that weird?).  John has a fondness for his last name, I guess, because he wanted “Mt.Richmore” on his gate.  My friend thought of a few different options for making the lettering and ended up making these cool chrome letters, and John really liked them.  So I’ve heard about this house for quite some time, but had never seen it (or the gate).

Fast-forward to tonight.  I went out with some friends, and one of the guys wanted to show us this great view of the city.  We headed up through a neighborhood, and I thought to myself, “I think this is where John Rich lives.”  Actually, I didn’t just think it– I told everyone in the car about John Rich and Mt.Richmore and Dan making the gate and the chrome letters.

When we finally found the top, not only did we find John Rich’s house (the gate is very nice, as are the letters — as classy and tasteful as “Mt.Richmore” can be — so nice job, Dan!) but we found some parked cars and a police car shining his big spotlight in them.  Justin (our driver) was starting to get nervous about the fact that the police were following us as we drove around and around the circle drive at the top of the hill (they weren’t), and Jeff wanted us to park so he could show us the view (it required parking and walking to the tippy-top of the hill) and the three of us in the back were laughing at the whole situation.

We drove around one final time, and Justin was trying to convince Jeff that the cop was writing all the parked cars tickets.  Jeff told him to park, and we parked right under a sign that said “No parking 9pm to 6am.” (It was 9:05)  Just then, the police man got out of his car (Justin was kind of freaking out at this point, and the backseat was getting a little more nervous and suggested we just leave) and then we saw he was talking to someone.

Joannie: “Maybe that’s John Rich.”

Bryan: “It is.”

Jeff: “Just go ask him if we can park here and walk to the top.”

So Justin drove forward and rolled down his window.

Justin: “Excuse me?”

John Rich: “Yessss?”

Justin: “Um, do you live here?”

John Rich: “Absolutely.  Do you?”

Hm. This wasn’t going well.

Justin: “Well, we were wondering if we could park here and walk to the top to see the view.”

John Rich: “Can’t you read the sign?!”

Hm.  Guess that’s a no.  He told us it was a nice view during the day, but basically to hit the road.

Joannie: “I can’t wait to tell Dan that I met John Rich!”

Bryan: (laughing) “You didn’t meet him!”

Joannie: “Well, I saw his gate.”


3 thoughts on “Mt.Richmore

  1. Jill says:

    that is funny!!!

    I had to look up John Rich and see who he was, though. He doesn’t look like a very nice person. He does, however look very much like somebody who would love himself enough to name his house Mt. Richmore.

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