I’ve wondered for 10 years…

I’ve had two 30 second clips of songs on my computer for as long as I remember.  I think I saved them to a zip disk in high school (does anyone remember those?  Zip disks, not high schools.  We thought those were going to be the wave of the future, until flash drives came and stole their thunder.  I guess that’s what happened.  I used to save everything on zip disks, but then transferred everything on to my laptop (which had a zip drive then) when zip disks were no longer used by anyone but my mother and me.) and then I promptly forgot about them.  When I discovered the two clips again (I think in college), I couldn’t remember for the life of me from what movie they came.  (even though that’s grammatically correct, it sounds really awkward.)

I guess I looked at the date on which I saved them (all these crazy prepositions wanting to sneak to the end of my sentences) and I sort of convinced myself the songs came from The Patriot.  The date of the files corresponded to the time The Patriot was came out, and I definitely remember being intrigued by The Patriot soundtrack because I knew it would include fifes and John Williams, two fantastic things.  So perhaps I saved the clips before seeing the movie?  But when I went back to listen to the soundtrack on Amazon, I couldn’t find any trace of these songs.

While I haven’t been thinking of these clips non-stop since then, I did come across them every once and awhile and get completely frustrated because I had no clue what they might be from, nor how to find out.  I played them for one of my college roommates who loved movies, but nothing.  I think I played them for some people in grad school, too.  How the heck could I get to the bottom of it?!

I heard about those services that identify music if you hold a phone up to the sound, but I never thought that they would find the title of a random movie soundtrack from a 30 second clip, I suppose.  And I didn’t want to pay to find out these songs — it drove me a little crazy, but not that crazy.

But last night, when I was looking at Johnnie Boden’s favorite things, I noticed he mentioned Shazam, one of these “music discovery engines” that is supposed to recognize the songs it hears.  I saw that I could download the Shazam app for free on the Android, so I gave it a whirl.

It didn’t take long for it to listen, “send” it (to where?), and match it.

The Legend of Bagger Vance.

Ha!  Finally, after 10 years of searching!  I listened to a lot of random movie soundtracks, but never that one.  I did see that in high school, and it did come out the same year as The Patriot.

Mystery solved.


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