verdict: tasty

Well, we have a decision – and it’s unanimous.

ChocoVine is delicious!

The problem is– the problem when it comes to blogging about it, at least– is that I can’t quite describe what it tastes like.  It wasn’t what I expected… I thought it would taste like chocolate-flavored red wine, and I was expecting to think it was gross– so to prepare for the blog, I began thinking of  comparisons to make about how some foods go well together but shouldn’t be infused together.  You know, chocolate and wine pair nicely, but they shouldn’t necessarily be mixed.  All I could think of was chocolate and strawberries… oh wait, no… beer and fish … hm, still no…  So I didn’t get very far.

But the wine doesn’t stand out at all.   Perhaps if I my pallet was a bit more refined, I would have tasted it, because the website boasts that it’s a fine French Cabernet… but I didn’t taste it.  You just taste the chocolate.

I do feel as though I’ve tasted it before — like that face you see in a crowd that you can’t quite place, but you know you’ve met.  I suppose it resembles Kahlua a bit, although it’s thinner.

Anyway, it’s yummy.  I hope it doesn’t mean I fall into the same class as blue Boones Farm lovers.

And yes, Jessica…

Classy, huh?


5 thoughts on “verdict: tasty

  1. Jill says:

    ooh, what do you think will happen if you mix it with an acidic drink? will it explode? try to mix it with oj and see what happens!

  2. Jessica says:

    Baaahhahaha! That’s awesome! Now I’m kind of excited to try it! Where did you find it? I’m thinking I might have to get it for my friend’s birthday tomorrow! And is it best served chilled or at room temperature? And last question…who doesn’t finish a bottle of wine in SIX months?!? Or at least who thinks it’s ok to drink wine that’s been open for that long? Bleh!

    • joanallegretti says:

      We have a wine store here called the Wine Chap, and I found it in the back with the liqueurs – it was next to the amaretto, if I remember correctly.

      We first drank it at room temperature (when I thought it would taste like red wine) but once we decided it was more like liquid chocolate, we stuck it in the fridge — and I think it’s better that way. The website has cocktail recipes that look pretty great (Fra Angelico and ChocoVine!? Sure!)

      Yeah, the six month time frame made me laugh too. You can bet it’s not going to last six days, much less six months.

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