storm damage

Like most of the country, we’ve had a few pretty bad storms lately.   I missed most of this afternoon’s storm since my office has no windows, although I went to investigate after hearing thunder and seeing the radar.  It looked pretty crazy from the doors of school– lots of lightning and wind and a bit of hail.   When I headed home at the end of the day, a few stoplights were out, making the commute a bit difficult.  But nothing prepared me for what my apartment complex would look like!


(taken last spring)

Is now this:

You can’t tell in this picture, but the huge branch that’s missing from the tree fell on that red car.
By the time I arrived home, the guys had removed it.

Our sign (or lack thereof) was the first thing I saw:

And the yard guys had lots and lots of branches to clear away — the whole drive was littered with them!

And that’s my story.


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