two great things

1) If you’re in the mood for comfort food – ah, isn’t everyone in the mood for some warm, heavy food when it’s 100 degrees (literally) outside?  Mmmm, thought so.  Anyway, if you’re in the mood for comfort food, run to your nearest Panera.  Order their “new, limited time only!” Chipotle BBQ Chicken Mac & Cheese.  And enjoy.

I could have the name wrong, because it’s some long title that’s actually just a string of flavor and food names.  But you get the point.  Maybe it’s a figment of my hungry imagination, because I can’t seem to find it anywhere online.  Or perhaps it’s only at my Panera (more likely — it couldn’t be a figment of my imagination, because it tasted so dang good).  I hope for your sake that you find it at your nearest Panera, because it’s really, really good.  Mmmm, mmm!  Even if your Panera is 32 miles away from you, it’s worth the drive.  Or maybe your husband can run and get you some while you’re in that town having a baby.  Just sayin’.

Note: I ordered it without the cilantro.   Because that’s how I roll.  But it was still excellent.

2) Grooveshark is so incredible that I can’t imagine I’m the first one to announce it to the world.  Why isn’t anyone else talking about it?  Is it illegal or something?  Is it implanting crazy viruses into my computer?  Stealing my identity?  Charging a credit card I don’t know about?   I don’t know… all I know is that it has halfway replaced Pandora on my computer at work.  It hasn’t completely replaced Pandora, because some days you don’t feel like your own playlists and you just want to pick a song or artist and let Pandora work its magic.  And while Grooveshark has a “radio” option, I don’t find the songs they choose for me as great as Pandora’s picks.  In fact, I’ve hated most of the songs they chose for me.

I’ve built several playlists for work, and the only issue I found so far is that some of the songs listed are just excerpts of the song.  Other than that, I’m not sure how it can be real.  It’s like iTunes… without the cost…  Well, I can’t keep the songs — but I can listen to them at my computer, and since I don’t have an iPod (I know- what century do I live in?!) that’s how I use iTunes anyway!

Listening to Grooveshark while eating Panera Chipotle BBQ Chicken Mac & Cheese?!  Now that would be pretty wonderful.


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