new blog.

okay, I know I’m crazy.  But Soapbox Musings wasn’t doing it for me anymore.  At one time, I wanted a place to blog my thoughts anonymously– my thoughts about the culture, about politics, about life in general.   But now it’s just too dang depressing.

I want a happy blog.

Soapbox Musings could be a happy place, and I’m not giving it up entirely.  But I miss the days of JoaninRome … for many other, more important reasons, but also because I miss blogging ridiculous things.

I won’t be updating this as often as JoaninRome, because there aren’t as many ridiculous things in my life as there were in the streets of Rome.

But I mused on that blog once that my return to the States would be like returning to Ordinary Time after the feasts of Easter, Pentecost, Corpus Christi…  In a homily in Rome, Fr. Williams reminded us that while feasts are wonderful, it is in the daily grind of life that we become saints.   My time… er, times… in Rome were wonderful blessings, but I had to return to my life in the States.  It was what I did with those blessings once I got back here that was important.   And the adventures would continue — in slightly different forms.  My sister, who at the time could spend her time frivolously reading blogs, commented that I should have an “ordinary time” blog.

And so here it is.


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